Anne Angelheart is probably the most interesting and unconventional teacher that I have ever encountered. The first time I met her I knew that she was very diverse in her knowledge of things, but I had no idea that she was a walking cornucopia of information.  Her expertise in a variety of subjects often amazed and delighted me. That is probably why I kept taking classes from her.  With each class I began to see positive change in my self -awareness and empowerment.  

Anne’s main objective through her teachings is to empower you.  So many of us are willing to give our power away to those we think have more abilities, more awareness or more gifts than us.  Anne absolutely does not let you do that.  She has an unusual ability to communicate with your higher self, your guides, angels or whoever is walking with you.  She is a soul reader and can see the probable paths that you are likely to take as you move through your lessons.  She will guide you, but because she empowers you she will let you make your own choices.  Unusual, but wonderful things happen in her classes and we often joke about her “classes within classes” where she teaches you other things that you can add to your tool belt.  Her classes are very multi-dimensional so you may get visitors from the other side or your guides and angels may pop in to give you information.  You just never know what will happen and that is what makes it so much fun!  Students see all kinds of fun stuff!

If you take her classes and do the work you will grow as a soul. Your mind will expand and you will be empowered.

I started out taking Zenith Omega Energy Healing classes and have to say that I loved every one.  Once I took the first class I knew that I wanted to take more.  Each class took me to a new level of awareness and I always learned something new and interesting .      

I have taken many of her classes including Twelve Universal Laws, Live in Spirit Collective Course, Devotion to Soul and many others.  At each one I never knew what to expect, but I couldn’t wait to get started!

Jane Medlin, Transmutational Healing



During my life journey a lot of things I felt and knew didn't make sense to me. Anne Angelheart's guidance for empaths gave me the insight I needed to become more spiritually grounded. I can't wait to take advantage of her knowledge through more sessions and workshops. Anne thank you for sharing your gift so I know how to enhance mine.

Shani Asha

AHA! Moment

Anne presents the possibility of joy, abundance and love in language you can understand and exercises that are thought provoking. Her life examples and suggested scenarios spoke to my past and my abilities to change my future. My biggest AHA moment was understanding how energy follows intent. I have more tools now to reach deeper and deeper
inside and remove those layers preventing me from finding my authentic self. I embrace my future and the journey ahead. Thank you Anne and I am so happy to play a small part of this huge project [Awaken the Secret Within].

Love, Barbara