Furry Friends Part 2

Furry Friends Part 2


I have truly learned many lessons from my dogs over the years. Many don’t believe that animals have been with us before or come to do work with us but for me I know that they do.


Roxanne on the aura camera was green and white with violet over her head. She was seriously very psychic and knew when energy was in the room. She also was a healer and when anyone came to classes if they were hurt in the heart or physically ill she would lay her head on them and take the energy. Unfortunately I never was able to get her not to take the energy and many times after healing she would throw up. She was a huge heart and very gentle. I remembered several past lives with her and she always was doing the healing work with me.


Takota which means friend to everyone and he was! He would greet and walk everyone into the house and he would walk each on back out the door. He was a character for sure. His aura was all Fuchsia and he did not take on from others but taught through mirroring them. Whenever I would have classes or do energy work he would get between us doing the work and the front of the room facing North always and lay there as if he was guarding the energy work being done. He was a big heart healer but he could also be very stubborn when he wanted to. In my old house I had a large yard and he built himself a den. Many times he took my crystals and my sage and I would find it hidden in the den. When he was done with them he would bring them back and drop them in the middle of the room, lol.


I have many statues of angels and fairies in the house and in the yard. He acted as if he knew the difference even though both had wings. I am not sure what his issue with fairies was but he left the angels alone but always took off one fairies wing. He did this his whole 14 years, lol. Apparently he did not want them flying around J


I am still figuring out Shadow, he is seriously all about play and lighten up energy. Roxanne and Takota never played with toys and I never took them to the dog part. They didn’t really play the same way as the other dogs so didn’t really have much fun at them. Shadow the opposite, LOVES toys and especially squeaky ones and loves loves the dog park. Shadow has been interesting in the classes I facilitate and I am still observing how he works with people. Another time that will be the Adventures of ShadowJ


I met two different people who said their dogs never play. Shadow will single them out in the park and he runs and drops in front of them and rolls and rolls around. One dog it took one day and finally the dog played with him and the lady was so excited she took a video saying no one at home would believe her. The second dog took 3 weeks, lol, but he did get her to play and everyone was taking pictures, lol. They said that dog was a year and had been coming there the whole time and never would get up and play. So I am sure at this point so far Shadow does bring out the young and joyful heart and play energy for sure.


Since this is the first time I have gone to dog parks I find it interesting there. I noticed no one knows each others name and many times never asks. It is all “what is your dogs name?” and we all refer to each other as so and so’s owner, lol. The conversation between every one seems to be about their dog too, sharing stories of experiences or sharing new and good info about groomers, foods, treats and toys.


There are many heart felt stories there also about how they got their dog and why. Many times I hear the person tell me what their dog wants yet I hear the dog have a different version of that story, lol. I find it entertaining to watch this world of the dog park. I will share more later.


Anne Angelheart

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Our Furry Friends

Our Furry Friends


I have not ever blogged on our furry friends before but I know anyone who knows me you understand my dog has always been family to me. Each dog I have had has been not only a friend and family to me but definitely a teacher in my life.


I have had sooooooo many pet readings this year and so many questions about their connection and/or if animals have soul contracts with people so I have decided for awhile I will do our Furry Friends blogging. Occasionally I will answer those questions and share stories I have known about.


Today I am going to start with the last two dogs I have had though. All my pets have come to me in an interesting way and I feel they have definitely found me not me found them, lol. Roxanne was a half lab and half Sheppard. I was at home and minding my own business cleaning the house while my 7 children were at school. I rented a house that said no pets and that was ok. I was vacuuming when I heard in my head call Vacaville pet shop and see if they have an Alaskan Husky. WHAT?? WHY?? One I cannot have pets, two I would never get an Alaskan Husky. Well, over and over again I heard call the pet shop and ask so I gave in and called. The man at the pet store said actually I have one here left. Knowing I could not have one and if I could I needed to talk with my husband on this so why am I even talking to this guy? But what came out of my mouth was hold him no matter what I am leaving now. WHAT??


I am so excited that I pull my daughter out of school early and race on down to the pet shop. When I reached the shop and told the guy I was the woman on the phone he looked down and sighed. He told me some lady came in and wanted the dog and when he asked her if she was the lady who called she said yes so he sold the dog to her. L In the mean time my daughter is looking at puppies in the front window and she is taking them out and putting them on the floor. OH NO!! One puppy comes straight to me, sits on my foot and when I pick her up she nuzzles in my neck. END OF STORY/BEGINNING OF NEW STORY!


No way can I NOT take her home. In readers digest version we kept her and worked everything out to be able to have her. This was Roxanne and she lived 17 ½ years. Roxanne was SUPER psychic and not only protected from physical dangers but protected the family from negative energies too. In all the classes we did he was always healing others. On the aura camera she was healing green and above the crown violet.


Roxanne and I went through a lot together and in that walk we found out about many past lives we had. She had been my familiar in other lives and she was my chamber dog in Egypt and when I was burning out past life energies in this time she was processing through them herself. She was the sweetest and most healing calm dog I have had. She never played like a normal dog in this life time; instead she was always energetically working. She was determined to find me a new pal before she left and to school them before she left.


This leads to Takota, a 75% white wolf, 25% malamute! That long story is in my first book. A shorter story is I met a man at East West while I was doing the camera there that had emailed me and said he thought one of his wolf pups was mine. I was hesitant to have a wolf in the city and also a pup with my 16 year old Roxanne. I asked for sign to have the wolf and many crazy things happened to give me a sign that it was a yes (stories in my book). Then the man brought Takota to me while I was working one day with the camera. I thought I have an 8 hour day, how will I have him here and work? I set Takota on my leather jacket on the stage and he never moved. He laid there the whole time accept for when I took him outside. I asked him what is your name and in my head I got Takota including the selling, lol. When I looked it u when I came home it meant “Friend to Everyone.” He ended up being that his whole life! He would meet everyone at the door and walk them in and he would walk everyone back to the door and let them out. I loved every one of my dogs but my wolfie hit me deep in my heart in a different way. He had so much personality and was so loving. He healed too but in a different way, he would mirror people and not take on their energy the way Roxanne would. He also could be VERY stubborn with his Taurus moon, lol and we would bump heads at times. He taught me so many lessons in our walk together that I would have to share in stories over time because there are just too many. Takota touched so many lives as he was always in my classes. In many cases I had no idea how many or how strongly until he passed last February. I had tons of emails of stories from people all over the world of experiences people had with my wolfie. There were also times people shared while he was here that my wolfie was in their dreams and gave them messages. We had a different kind of soul link Wolfie and I. I truly thought when he passed that it would be a forever long time before I got another animal.


Takota was a big boy but his presence was HUGE and I miss him and his light following everywhere as he did. Now, I surprisingly and shocking to me already have a new teacher Shadow but that is for a different day. J



Anne Angelheart


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Making the Change you want in the World

Making the Change you want in the World


Right now I hear so many people upset about what is going on in the world and I don’t blame them at all. So many that watch the news are getting saddened or depressed though. I have been guided to not ignore it but to focus my thoughts and actions on ways I can create change. It does not matter how little or how large that is. If hundreds of thousands of people perform actions daily from the heart this energy will flow across the planet. Remember your attention is your intention! So where is your attention focused the most daily?


It not only assists the world but makes a great difference to other people individually too. Makes their day a little happier. I have been calling schools to see if there are lunch accounts that are behind (the child does not get a lunch if it is) and paying off an account here or there. Many are $20 or under and it makes a big difference for that childJ There are so many daily things we can do that bring us joy and aster someone has received a kindness brightens up their day and spreads that joy. Here is a list of small things we can do all the time even on a crazy schedule:


Smile often at everyone, let someone go in front of you at the grocery line, pay for an order behind you at the coffee shop, offer to help clean someone’s yard that maybe can’t, help a neighbor garden, buy one healthy extra at the store for someone homeless, donate something fun like coloring books to a homeless shelter or a shelter for abused women.


Of course I can go on and on because there are so many small acts of joy we can do that are very large heart felt moments for another. Get creative, get your joy on and shine the light and spread it to others. You will feel uplifted and you will uplift others. I truly believe and know that everyone of these acts make a difference out there and restore hope and love for so many who may feel there was none.


So instead of talking about a change BE THE CHANGE!!!!


In Love and Light,


Anne Angelheart



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Have you felt you are in Pause Mode?

Have you felt you are in Pause Mode?


If you are one who has felt you were in pause mode in your life for the last year don’t feel alone. There were many of us there with you. Now this did not mean nothing was moving in your life, but many of us felt that we were ready for something new or expansion and had the energy for it but it felt like everything was just paused on expanding or moving forward.


A recent channeling I did for a group of people the guides went into this a bit. It felt different than being in the void since other things were moving even if it was inner growth and not outer world events in our lives. It literally was a pause. This was all lined up with a planet and energy line up that had to do with the Divine Female energy reaching the planet about 2 years ago. The GREAT news is this energy shifts and turns around March 15, 2017.


Before I get to that, if you have been in the PAUSE, then you were doing a lot of inner work and playing with some new ideas you may have about your work or purpose. You felt good about that but couldn’t quite get clarity on what it really looked like or the steps to get there. The clarity on how and what will trickle in starting March 15 and each week and month get more clear and strong through until June. By June it should feel and look solid.


In this last year you also were re-evaluating your life work and how you really wanted to show up in the world. You wanted to spread your light even more. You spent the year shedding many things such as people, situations and behaviors from your life. All this was getting ready for the new shift and new energies. If you did the work you are ready to spring forward. If you resisted the shedding you may find it getting much louder from now until June until you face it.


For the movement forward March 15th through until June21st you will find your clarity moving you more towards working in group efforts, or working for or starting your own organization. Even coaches, healers and light workers will find they will network more and utilize group effort to make change. It is working like a grid of light connecting to other (group) grids of light. It really is going to be about creating new villages because it does take a village to make bigger change.


The next wave of many opening and awakening to their consciousness and it won’t take this group/wave as long as it took us who shifted in 1987. We will be there to assist and mentor so the next wave of souls waking to their purposes can manifest even greater change at this time. The shift has occurred even though it does seem like it watching the news. The shadow is awake and crumbling and the new earth and new ways will birth from the chaos that is occurring now. Don’t buy into the illusion but instead see it through the eyes of soul, step back and watch and listen from neutrality and you will see and feel how the new earth is emerging. Celebrate you and being present at this time!


Love & Light, 

Anne Angelheart



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Hope – Something we all Need Right Now! Help One Another Promote Empowerment

I found it interesting that last summer I was buying new artistic decorations to put in my yard. I usually get hummingbirds on a metal stake or butterflies and fairies. I did get some flowers and hummingbirds but I saw the word HOPE on a stick and decided I wanted it. I placed it in my entry to my house next to a Buddha statue I have there. When winter came I took all the decorations down accept for the letters HOPE! I left it there all year.


Now in this fine January I find the theme of many of my clients have been that they feel a lack of hope. It is not important whether it was the election or the state the country is in or life itself as it appears on the news. What concerned me was the amount of people who were feeling a lack of hope. No matter what is going on in this world we are always the catalyst for change. Many think one person cannot make a difference yet we do. For every ONE who is making any change, even a little step as a token of kindness they extend or a smile or a kind word, each deed sends out a radiation of love and of hope. If each individual knew with certainty their moment by moment kindness makes a difference it sends it out and joins other energy with millions of people who think they are just ONE and that creates a wave across the planet. Something to think about because if you are in fear, anger and despair that also joins with others who feel that way. Then this is what we are sending in a wave across the planet. Which one do you want to be accountable for feeding?


Some make small acts of kindness and some feel moved to work with larger groups. In both cases it is making a difference. To make the world a better place and to be a part of the change here HOPE is essential. Please do not buy into all the fear and lack of love energy because in all reality there are three great things happening to every one not so great thing happening. The difference is we hearing ten negatives to one good because apparently all the good works are not being reported in the numbers that they are happening.


You may start or join a movement and if you do please make sure it is coming from the heart and love and not from anger and desperation. It matters how we participate in the change. Many may feel that it is in daily actions with the world and again from love. I felt moved to add below a small exercise to play with daily. So however you are involved in the change or if you are trying to regain a sense of hope have fun with this and add to it. Make it about it is our reality of what world we choose to participate in and manifest.

Add ways to express these daily:


H – help, heal, honor, happiness, humor, honesty

O – optimism, opportunities (be open to them and offer someone them) one another

P – passion, peaceful, promote love, potential, playfulness

E-  empower, have enthusiasm, experience, encourage others, engage

Your world is a choice and you do choose which reality you experience!


Love and Light, Anne


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