Live in Spirit


Live in Spirit


Understanding How Spirit Interacts With You
Have you ever gone for an intuitive reading or wanted to? You may have wanted to know if there were any messages for you, or for the reader to just tell you anything you may need to know?

I have been a reader for 31 years and most people just want a message from spirit. No, not the deceased! People usually want to hear their guides, angels or their own soul. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have access to your own messages from spirit? Well you can!

Spirit actually talks to us through our everyday experiences. Many have pulled animal cards or angel cards for these messages. But what if you could learn to recognize how spirit talks to you in all you do? You could even be getting a message on the way to the grocery store. Spirit talks to us through everything such as animals, cards people send us, yes even the picture on the card counts. There are so many different ways that spirit talks with us and all we have to do is be open and know how to listen and recognize when spirit is talking. Wouldn’t that be great? Always getting your own messages and asking for an answer to something and getting that answer in less than 48 hours.

Empower yourself by getting your own messages and learning how spirit is talking with you constantly!

If this sounds wonderful to you then you will love this workshop. Guaranteed you will be able to hear spirit the very first day and as you play and practice with the tools your messages will increase! Guaranteed you will start recognizing information right then and there during the class!

You will learn:

• How spirit talks with us
• How to ask a question and get an answer in 48 hours
• How to interpret what your messages are
• How to be open and receptive so you can recognize when spirit is talking to you
• How to set up guidelines so you can create your own kind of communication with spirit
• How to get a clear message from spirit without picking an angel or goddess card

Learning to hear and get messages every minute of your life is not only empowering and rewarding, but it is fun and adventuress. I will have other wonderful and majikal ways I will go over in the class on how to create fun and helpful ways to work with spirit. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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