Devotion to Soul


Devotion to Soul

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Have you taken courses or read a self help book on how to meditate, increase your intuition and work with energy, but now you feel limited with the information you have?

Are you more advanced in these techniques but have found they are just touching the surface or not working the same way they did before?

The big message here is that the energies have changed a lot on the planet, they are vibrating higher and there are new techniques for this new and accelerated vibration. The classes below are named the same but are taught in the new way with the new information for going to the next new level.

Expand your life and create all you truly want by learning how to use the new techniques that are here for us now in the new and exciting energy on the planet. The OLD way will not work anymore and will not move us to the new life we all deserve!

The real importance to living your life in balance with mind, body and spirit is to have devotion to learn all about it in detail. I want to offer you just that in this new class.

Classes include:

  • Different ways of meditation, find the method that works for you.
  • Understanding Chakras (new information, your chakras have changed.)
  • Work with and strengthen your energy or chakras.
  • Clearing energy
  • Healing and channeling
  • Guides and working with them
  • Guided writing
  • Learning about color and how to work with it (new vibrations to them)
  • Learn to read from soul, more accurate than just psychically
  • Putting it all together

Each class will have written material and hands on exercises. We will gain clarity, strength, and precision in what we do.

You must register for the entire course, not available as individual classes.

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