Increase Your Intuition
10:00 AM10:00

Increase Your Intuition

Learn to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Do you intuitively get things but don’t understand how or why?

Maybe you’re not sure what to do with it?

Are you an empath (someone who feels what others do) and not sure how to control it?

Do you want to improve and strengthen your intuition and have a better understanding of it?

All people are intuitive, some stronger than others. Many times it controls their life because they do not understand it or know how to control it. Many don’t even know they are intuitive and it causes issues in their life without the understanding of it.

This class will teach you to understand it and how to utilize it in your life to assist you through life and to assist others.

It will give you clarity and peace of mind when you know and understand how to work with it.

Take control of your self instead of feeling at the mercy of these talents.

They are wonderful tools in life when you understand how to live with them and use them.

I provide an on-hand class and provide a fun and safe setting to explore these talents.

You will:
Develop a clear flow of communication with your Higher Self.
Expand your sensitivity to energy.
Train the self to recognize and utilize your empath.
Meditation to strengthen development.
Learn protection and perception techniques.
Exercises to help you discover your strongest intuitive skills, and strengthen those that need development.

How to tell from a surface projection and the real thing.

Come join the fun and bring a lunch with you. We will explore all sorts of areas and play many games that actually help build your psychic abilities.

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Empath On Line Class
3:00 PM15:00

Empath On Line Class

Feeling your Empath self more lately?

With all that is happening in the world many are having problems with their empathing. This empath class by tele-seminar will assist you in understanding it better, how to control it and how itcan be used in a joyful way.

A recording on empathing and protection is included.

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Soul Contracts/Soul Agreements
10:00 AM10:00

Soul Contracts/Soul Agreements

So many times we wonder why we feel more attachment to certain relationships or why they feel so much stronger whether they are positive or less joyful. It could be that there is a Soul agreement or soul contract involved.

This does not mean we have to stay in the less joyful but it does mean you agreed to meet and learn an important lesson. Learn about the different kinds of agreements and how to walk through them more joyfully.

Having understanding of these encounters can help us have clarity and discernment through these relationships.

Learn more:

♥ Why you made the contract or agreement

♥ How to determine whether it is a soul agreement/contract

♥ How to identify the agreement or lesson

♥ How to move through it more joyfully

One day Class 10 to 5

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