Soul Contracts/Soul Agreements

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Soul Contracts/Soul Agreements


Soul Contracts/ Soul Agreements

So many times we wonder why we feel more attachment to certain relationships or why they feel so much stronger whether they are positive or less joyful. It could be that there is a Soul agreement or soul contract involved.

This does not mean we have to stay in the less joyful but it does mean you agreed to meet and learn an important lesson. Learn about the different kinds of agreements and how to walk through them more joyfully.

Having understanding of these encounters can help us have clarity and discernment through these relationships.

Learn more:

♥ Why you made the contract or agreement

♥ How to determine whether it is a soul agreement/contract

♥ How to identify the agreement or lesson

♥ How to move through it more joyfully

One day Class 10 to 5

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