Shamanic and Elemental Weekend


Shamanic and Elemental Weekend


Join me on this two day workshop and learn to walk and talk with nature. This class will be filled with information and on hands learning of communicating with the land and elements. We also will cover ways to work with them in balance and to enhance your abilities and sensitivity.

♥ Learn to tune into nature and understand it

♥ Work with understanding elements

♥ Learn tools to use in life and how to create sacred space

♥ Learn to ground and walk sared ground

♥ Clear your own energies and the environment energy

This two day workshop will be in nature and we will have hands on experiences with the nature and elements and how to utilize these tools in our every day life. We will learn about doorways, elementals, and to see beyond what the physical eye sees. Join me for this fun filled and on hands weekend.

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