Integration After advanced Universal Law

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Integration After advanced Universal Law

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Live In Truth Everyday 12 sessions

After learning the laws of the Universe, have you wondered how to incorporate all of them in your everyday living? Have you been asking yourself how do they apply to EVERYTHING in your life?

Walking the Laws is a big first step to integrating them into your life. But LIVING them and flowing with them in your everyday is a much deeper integration. In this class, learn how to integrate them into the most subtle but most important areas of your everyday life. The more you are living them the more you will see larger and long lasting positive change in your life.

In this series of classes you will learn how to have a relationship with your deepest inner being, money, relationships with others, jobs, purpose of soul path, and your daily activities by flowing with the laws.

You will discover whether your home, how you choose to buy your food and what you eat, money choices, job, friends, relationships, emotions, and fun time, are resonating with living in truth every day, living in flow with the universal laws, and all in the flow of your soul path. We will explore and work to the core of who we really are so we can manifest the most joyful and soulful path possible.

You must have attended the Basic Universal Law classes or have a clear understanding of them from previous studies.

You will be amazed at the fast track progress you will make in your life knowing and living the Integration of these laws.

There will be 12 classes that will change your life and will assist you in all endeavors in life.

• You will manifest what you DO want and LESS of what you don't.
• You will attract the kind of friends and acquaintances that are uplifting and positive
• You will be clear on want you do want in life and be able to have it
• You will be abundant in all areas of your life
• You will experience joy and passion in your life
• You will gain clarity on how to serve the planet according to your soul purpose
• You will learn to go from walking your path to LIVING your path
• You will stop sabotaging and learn to manifest your dreams and desires...

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