Working with Grids of Light- Beginning class


Working with Grids of Light- Beginning class


Beginning Class on Working with Grids of Light

In this class you will learn to create and work with different grids of light. There are many grids which are all part of the Matrix. There are many "Laws" that govern the Grids. There is a 'Law of

balance', 'Laws of Neutrality are immutable laws.

On the Metaphysical level the Earth's grid system can also be called the Collective Unconscious - Hall of Records- Akashic Records - as they contains all of the memories of what we are experiencing at this time. They are what create everything that exists in our reality - thus supporting the illusion.

Many grids exist already but you can learn to create and transform grids that enhance and transmute certain energies in your life, environment and experiences.

Learn in this class to be able to create Grids of light to assist you and your life

Learn to travel the grid to a past experience/life and transform the energies to assist you today.

Learn to create a grid for you that will help you with your empath or your intuitive

Experience working with grids to assist your life and your experiences to be more joyful.

Two Hour class and follow up session.

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