Moving Energy

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Moving Energy


There are so many different forms of energy movement, dance, Chi Gong, Tai Chi Etc. In all reality everything is energy in motion. This class is about how to move energy for yourself and in your body, your energy field and in your environment. Moving energy to assist others.


In this class we will learn to move energy:


In your home


In an environment such as home, office or land


To assist or facilitate a clearing or healing for others


In a situation where you are being effected negatively but want to change that for your experience in the moment


How to send energy ahead before you arrive to make the situation joyful for you (not interfering with others freedom of experience)


Moving energy to create a higher vibration


Being accountable of energy you put out to the environment


Come join me and play in a safe environment to learn to move energy to enhance your experiences and make life more enjoyable.


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