Goddess Weekend Retreat 2017


Goddess Weekend Retreat 2017

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June 23-26th
Bodega Bay, CA

This years Goddess Weekend is about shifting from Light Workers to Light Bearers. I am sure you have felt the shift and that the contribution we give to the planet has shifted too.

This weekend we will explore our new roles to bring more love, healing and light to the planet and learn in what new ways we will do that.

Many feel they are reinventing their roles in these times and we are! Join me in a safe and loving environment to learn what those shifts are and to learn why and how our contribution is so very crucial at this time. Living in the moment and understanding in what ways we all connect and assist others and the planet will be the focus.

I am excited for all of us to connect and to be able to leave the weekend with a new and renewed sense of purpose! Come join me.

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