Angel or Star Being?


Angel or Star Being?


Are you an Angel or a Star Being?
Inner and Outer Dimensions of Self

We are so much more than what we appear to be here on the earth. We are multidimensional (multi-layered) Beings that exist and work on many levels. To be all we can be, to know our full potential and power, and to be able to manifest unlimitedness in our lives; we must first be able to understand all of our many dimensions and layers. This class is presented in simple terminology and concepts.

It will help you to understand how multidimensional you are and how that applies to you physically and spiritually. With this information, you can manifest your desires and help others in the world more effectively.

Come and learn in a safe and secure environment about:

* Your Light Body
* Your Soul and Over Soul
* Energy grids, and how to work with them
* Core Spiritual Principles (universal laws)
* Traveling in other dimensions
* Evolution and Integration of past/all lives for Ascension
* The Ascension process

I will cover all of these topics in a simple and understandable way so you can apply what you’ve learned easily into your everyday life. This will be a 2 day workshop.

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