Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday. I want to say I enjoyed working with all of you in 2018. I look forward to an awesome 2019 with you and to add many new ways we can work together to better our lives and the world.

 I will have new workshops over the next few months on the web site under services, so you will want to keep checking back there for new and exciting classes. Over the next few months I will be adding some audios on new topics with tools to assist you in the ever changing energies. The tele seminars that are available will now be internet classes that you can click a link and join or you can still call in. I am working on new ways to make it easier and more available to all walks of life.

 Energies are high and frequencies are up so 2019 will be fast paced for growing and for change. I know sometimes watching the news it may be hard to believe the energies are higher but remember when frequencies go up, it shatters the old and we have been experiencing the old shattering. It is kind of like an opera singer hitting a note that shatters the glass. 2019 will be still shattering some of the old but simultaneously creating the new.

 So, 3, 4 and 5th dimensional frequencies are here on the earth now but it is learning to stay more and more in the higher ones to have the joyful experiences. Where your attention is so is your intention. This year I am filling the classes and audios with tools for how to live and experience the higher reality. I am also working with many who are creating different tools, products and workshops that all align with the higher energies. There are also people who are starting organizations to uplift and to help those in need and to be the change on the planet. I am excited for 2019 and to be a part of the ever rising manifestation of love, peace and assistance. I hope you all will participate in any way that fits for you and your life this year to come and experience more joy and love everyday.

 Let’s make and manifest a Majikal 2019


In Love & Light,

Anne Angelheart