Furry Friends Part 2

Furry Friends Part 2


I have truly learned many lessons from my dogs over the years. Many don’t believe that animals have been with us before or come to do work with us but for me I know that they do.


Roxanne on the aura camera was green and white with violet over her head. She was seriously very psychic and knew when energy was in the room. She also was a healer and when anyone came to classes if they were hurt in the heart or physically ill she would lay her head on them and take the energy. Unfortunately I never was able to get her not to take the energy and many times after healing she would throw up. She was a huge heart and very gentle. I remembered several past lives with her and she always was doing the healing work with me.


Takota which means friend to everyone and he was! He would greet and walk everyone into the house and he would walk each on back out the door. He was a character for sure. His aura was all Fuchsia and he did not take on from others but taught through mirroring them. Whenever I would have classes or do energy work he would get between us doing the work and the front of the room facing North always and lay there as if he was guarding the energy work being done. He was a big heart healer but he could also be very stubborn when he wanted to. In my old house I had a large yard and he built himself a den. Many times he took my crystals and my sage and I would find it hidden in the den. When he was done with them he would bring them back and drop them in the middle of the room, lol.


I have many statues of angels and fairies in the house and in the yard. He acted as if he knew the difference even though both had wings. I am not sure what his issue with fairies was but he left the angels alone but always took off one fairies wing. He did this his whole 14 years, lol. Apparently he did not want them flying around J


I am still figuring out Shadow, he is seriously all about play and lighten up energy. Roxanne and Takota never played with toys and I never took them to the dog part. They didn’t really play the same way as the other dogs so didn’t really have much fun at them. Shadow the opposite, LOVES toys and especially squeaky ones and loves loves the dog park. Shadow has been interesting in the classes I facilitate and I am still observing how he works with people. Another time that will be the Adventures of ShadowJ


I met two different people who said their dogs never play. Shadow will single them out in the park and he runs and drops in front of them and rolls and rolls around. One dog it took one day and finally the dog played with him and the lady was so excited she took a video saying no one at home would believe her. The second dog took 3 weeks, lol, but he did get her to play and everyone was taking pictures, lol. They said that dog was a year and had been coming there the whole time and never would get up and play. So I am sure at this point so far Shadow does bring out the young and joyful heart and play energy for sure.


Since this is the first time I have gone to dog parks I find it interesting there. I noticed no one knows each others name and many times never asks. It is all “what is your dogs name?” and we all refer to each other as so and so’s owner, lol. The conversation between every one seems to be about their dog too, sharing stories of experiences or sharing new and good info about groomers, foods, treats and toys.


There are many heart felt stories there also about how they got their dog and why. Many times I hear the person tell me what their dog wants yet I hear the dog have a different version of that story, lol. I find it entertaining to watch this world of the dog park. I will share more later.


Anne Angelheart

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