Our Furry Friends

Our Furry Friends


I have not ever blogged on our furry friends before but I know anyone who knows me you understand my dog has always been family to me. Each dog I have had has been not only a friend and family to me but definitely a teacher in my life.


I have had sooooooo many pet readings this year and so many questions about their connection and/or if animals have soul contracts with people so I have decided for awhile I will do our Furry Friends blogging. Occasionally I will answer those questions and share stories I have known about.


Today I am going to start with the last two dogs I have had though. All my pets have come to me in an interesting way and I feel they have definitely found me not me found them, lol. Roxanne was a half lab and half Sheppard. I was at home and minding my own business cleaning the house while my 7 children were at school. I rented a house that said no pets and that was ok. I was vacuuming when I heard in my head call Vacaville pet shop and see if they have an Alaskan Husky. WHAT?? WHY?? One I cannot have pets, two I would never get an Alaskan Husky. Well, over and over again I heard call the pet shop and ask so I gave in and called. The man at the pet store said actually I have one here left. Knowing I could not have one and if I could I needed to talk with my husband on this so why am I even talking to this guy? But what came out of my mouth was hold him no matter what I am leaving now. WHAT??


I am so excited that I pull my daughter out of school early and race on down to the pet shop. When I reached the shop and told the guy I was the woman on the phone he looked down and sighed. He told me some lady came in and wanted the dog and when he asked her if she was the lady who called she said yes so he sold the dog to her. L In the mean time my daughter is looking at puppies in the front window and she is taking them out and putting them on the floor. OH NO!! One puppy comes straight to me, sits on my foot and when I pick her up she nuzzles in my neck. END OF STORY/BEGINNING OF NEW STORY!


No way can I NOT take her home. In readers digest version we kept her and worked everything out to be able to have her. This was Roxanne and she lived 17 ½ years. Roxanne was SUPER psychic and not only protected from physical dangers but protected the family from negative energies too. In all the classes we did he was always healing others. On the aura camera she was healing green and above the crown violet.


Roxanne and I went through a lot together and in that walk we found out about many past lives we had. She had been my familiar in other lives and she was my chamber dog in Egypt and when I was burning out past life energies in this time she was processing through them herself. She was the sweetest and most healing calm dog I have had. She never played like a normal dog in this life time; instead she was always energetically working. She was determined to find me a new pal before she left and to school them before she left.


This leads to Takota, a 75% white wolf, 25% malamute! That long story is in my first book. A shorter story is I met a man at East West while I was doing the camera there that had emailed me and said he thought one of his wolf pups was mine. I was hesitant to have a wolf in the city and also a pup with my 16 year old Roxanne. I asked for sign to have the wolf and many crazy things happened to give me a sign that it was a yes (stories in my book). Then the man brought Takota to me while I was working one day with the camera. I thought I have an 8 hour day, how will I have him here and work? I set Takota on my leather jacket on the stage and he never moved. He laid there the whole time accept for when I took him outside. I asked him what is your name and in my head I got Takota including the selling, lol. When I looked it u when I came home it meant “Friend to Everyone.” He ended up being that his whole life! He would meet everyone at the door and walk them in and he would walk everyone back to the door and let them out. I loved every one of my dogs but my wolfie hit me deep in my heart in a different way. He had so much personality and was so loving. He healed too but in a different way, he would mirror people and not take on their energy the way Roxanne would. He also could be VERY stubborn with his Taurus moon, lol and we would bump heads at times. He taught me so many lessons in our walk together that I would have to share in stories over time because there are just too many. Takota touched so many lives as he was always in my classes. In many cases I had no idea how many or how strongly until he passed last February. I had tons of emails of stories from people all over the world of experiences people had with my wolfie. There were also times people shared while he was here that my wolfie was in their dreams and gave them messages. We had a different kind of soul link Wolfie and I. I truly thought when he passed that it would be a forever long time before I got another animal.


Takota was a big boy but his presence was HUGE and I miss him and his light following everywhere as he did. Now, I surprisingly and shocking to me already have a new teacher Shadow but that is for a different day. J



Anne Angelheart


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