Anne Angelheart

Anne Angelheart has been studying various spiritual and metaphysical practices for more than 28 years. Her studies were supplemented with countless workshops and one-on-one lessons with shamans and religious leaders from a variety spiritual sects.

Using what she had learned through her own studies, Angelheart began teaching others about the workings of the inner and outer worlds. Today she is a transformation coach, author, lecturer, and teacher.

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Alexandria Murallo

Alexandria Murallo is a practicing clinical psychologist licensed (PSY24075) in California with expertise in treating a wide array of anxiety and stress related conditions with empirically supported therapies. She received her formal clinical training in cognitive, dialectical, and acceptance based psychological approaches for helping people transform and direct their thoughts, feelings, and actions into more empowered, enlightened ways of being. She has a specific passion for creating tools to assist people in learning how to navigate, discover, and embody the true self, the gloriously noble self, the self that everyone tells you to be, but to most remains a mystery. She is the creator and founder of RoyalDust, a school of self and a library of self.


Crystal Isacc

Since I was very young I have always had a deep connection to plants, animals and the living world. Over the years I have learned how these gifts from mother nature have innate powers and properties which can be harnessed for healing of the body or spirit. I am passionate about the earth and all things that call it home. It's truly amazing all the gifts and tools the earth provides which are all around us in plain sight. The most unassuming and seemingly ordinary plant or stone can have hidden power within waiting to be tapped in to.