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Connecting with Muses 9 Days on line class

Connecting with Muses

Muses are a complete energy of their own. Tapping in and engaging with a Muse as you do your guides can bring refreshed creativity to all aspect of your life. Muses are not just for artistic or writing endeavors, they also assist us in play, passion and excitement in life.

When you learn to work with the realm of muses it can bring much joy and passion to your life and spice things up a bit. You can even call and work with a muse in a specific area of your life.

This workshop consist of 9 classes and will be done as both an internet class and if you live near by a class in Yuba City. The workshop will take you step by step to meet a muse of your own, and then step by step working actively with this muse though an exercise a week to fully be able to connect and experience a life with your muse.

This is a creative and fun class to bring Joy to many aspects of your life.

Once a week class for 9 classes total
Each class is 3 hours
$350.00 for all 9 classes.

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