Journey to Self: Illuminate Your Path


Design your Destiny!

Join us on a journey deep into the true self and endless possibilities.

This four day workshop allows you to disconnect from the self you think you are and connect to who you really are: the true self.

We will remove the illusion of created self and awaken the alchemist within to live as our illuminated true self.

This workshop is designed to help you to master your true self and master your life.

The tools in the workshop will help you tap in to your sacred self and create your own sacred space, showing you how to nurture and grow your desires and your dreams.

In essence:

How to walk your journey in the most joyful way.

You will experience:

-Fun and adventurous activities to give you hands-on experiences with what you are learning.

-New teachings that allow each individual to become their highest ideal by accessing and validating the true self.

-New tools to ignite desire, devotion, trust and commitment to the journey.

-New meditations to design your life from your higher self and be open to endless possibilities

-Exercises to show you that life is working with you and not against you

-Practical methods to assist you in releasing your old ways and perceptions in order to see the world through more clear and insightful eyes, now coming from a place of wisdom.

- Tools, teachings, meditations that will continue to illuminate your path after you have completed the workshop.



Journey to Self: Illuminate Your Path

Exercises in the workshop will allow you to experience living in the Now moment of your journey so you can magnetize the synchronicities and magic of life into your daily world. The techniques and exercises will help relay just how important the journey is, if not more important, than the outcome. You will learn how to recognize the messages in your daily journey and work with them to expand your true self/light, using this power to manifest unlimited opportunities.

Find your light, your joy and your magic!

It’s inside, waiting to be awakened!

Move forward…

This workshop will assist you to walk a new path, a new way of being and living that comes from your true power within. It is all about moving forward and having a full connection to your inner Being, your life and the universe.

Take a leap into the unknown with your own true Being! Join us on a journey that will spark your creativity, elevate your beliefs into unlimited possibilities and show you the way to become the most illuminated version of yourself.

Take a leap…

Move through the layers of past programs and heavy experiences and get to your true self!

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January 23-26, 2020